Ján H. Blicha / pre-exhibition, diploma work






Ján H. Blicha 1939 – 1999


The main topic of this exhibition was creations of my grandfather, architect Ján H. Blicha. He lived in Trenčín and he worked there since 1966 to 1999. He made a lot of urban conceptions, architectural realizations, sculptures, interiors and he did graphic design as well. Main idea of my exhibition’s conception is in re-installation. There is grid system, which can be re-builded to every space. Each of those prints can be packed to the tubes and can be moved to another gallery. The same tubes are used on installation and you can see year, in which the work was created. This exhibition was my own project, so I was curator, designer, architect, propagator… But there are many people who helped me a lot and they deserve my gratitude. My big thanks goes to: Pavel Choma, Marcel Benčík, Juraj Blaško, Juraj Rattaj, Boris Meluš, Tatiana Blichová, Adriana Mlynčeková, Miroslav Mlynček, Eva Slezáková, Silvia Bacmaňáková, Lenka Navrátilová, Michaela Mrázková, Gabriela Rusková.